Have you ever received a flyer in the mail or seen an online ad for cash home buyers? These individuals or companies offer to pay cash for your home or other property and close quickly. At Compass Home Buyers in Tampa, that’s exactly what we do! However, exercise caution when choosing a cash home buyer, as not all will operate with the level of professionalism and integrity that should be expected. In today’s blog post, we will break down some of the ways you can determine whether the party offering to buy your home is a legitimate cash-for-homes buyer, or a flat-out scammer.

Did The Cash Home Buyer Reach Out To You?

Reaching out to potential clients is a normal, appropriate marketing action, but scammers can take advantage of our digitally connected society by impersonating business professionals. If a potential cash buyer contacted you through an email or text message, check them against this list to get a better idea of their legitimacy:

  • The sender’s email address attached to a public (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook) or strange-looking domain: A legitimate cash-for-homes buyer should contact you from an email address that includes their website name after the @ symbol.
  • The sender requests personal or sensitive information: you should never give out this information through email. Professional cash home buyers will not request sensitive information via email or text message.
  • The sender’s message seems urgent or secretive: phrases that imply you need to reply immediately or perform an unsafe action (like divulging personal info) in order to learn more about the service are a major red flag.
  • The method of contact is poorly written or designed: legitimate cash home buyers will invest in their impressions on potential clients.
  • The content of the message is unprofessional or suspicious: trust your gut — if the person contacting you is using strange wording, aggressive tactics, extravagant promises, or any approach that makes you feel uncomfortable, you have no obligation to respond.

Does The Cash Home Buyer Have A Professional Online Presence?

From a well-designed website to active social media profiles, a lively and professional digital presence is a key indicator of a legitimate business. This isn’t always the case, but it does show that a company has invested in its online reputation. If photos of team members or office interiors are included in social media posts, this is also a good sign.

Can You Contact And Meet With A Real Person?

If a cash home buyer reaches out to you virtually but refuses to meet in person, facilitate a phone call, or otherwise allow you to verify their identity, it’s best to avoid working with them. Our team at Compass Home Buyers is local to our Tampa Bay service area, meaning that you will easily be able to contact and meet us!

If a buyer provides excuses for not being able to meet, be wary. They may agree to meet, only to suddenly have a personal tragedy or other commitment come up at the last minute. If a legitimate home buyer needs to cancel a meeting, they will reschedule promptly. Do not trust an individual who continually puts off meetings.

Will The Home Buyer Come See The Property?

Many cash-for-homes scammers will not be local to the area or will not want to give up their identity. Because of this, they will attempt to facilitate a completely remote transaction. Legitimate cash home buyers will want to see the property and know its location to better understand its value. Compass Home Buyers is local to the Tampa Bay area, meaning that we understand the region’s market and can always visit homes in person at least once.

Is The Buyer Disregarding Their Own Risks Or Self-Interest?

Be suspicious of cash home buyers who are eager to seal the deal and spontaneously part with large sums of money. As with any business, a legitimate cash home buyer will take the time to evaluate the property in question before making an offer.

Selling In Tampa? Trust Your Local Cash Home Buyer

Compass Home Buyers is family-owned and local to the Tampa Bay area. You can easily get in touch with us online or by phone! If you need to sell your house fast, you have a safe, reliable option with us. With no fees, no commission, and no closing costs, you’ll get the full cash offer we extend to you. When you work with us, you can feel confident and comfortable about selling your home in Tampa and beyond. Get started with our simple online form!